12 September 2010

Ciao from Dr Mills

My name is Andrew Mills, and, along with Dr. Amy Johnson, I am the co-leader of this class. I'm a philosopher by training, and am currently chairperson of the Dept. of Religion and Philosophy at Otterbein University. I've been at Otterbein since 1999, and I teach courses in Philosophy, Integrative Studies, Honors and SYE. This is the fourth time I have taught the Italy course, and am excited to once again share the wonders of this amazing country, and its culture, with all of you. In addition to having taken Otterbein classes to Italy, I have co-led student trips to Stratford (Ontario), Vienna, Chicago, Michigan, Virginia, and Kentucky. It's always enjoyable to travel as part of an educational experience, in my view, as it enables us all to be more than passive tourists, but to understand the underlying culture we are experiencing when we visit.

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