14 September 2010

Kailee Miller- Response to 1.B

Hi Everyone,

The list of World Heritage sites in Italy consists of a wide variety of different places and objects. They are all uniquely different, but some what the same because they all have some historical importance.

The first, World Heritage site that I chose was the Villa Adriana (Tivoli). This monument is important to a universal cultural heritage because it is a complex piece of work containing components from three popular countries- Egypt, Greece and Rome. This piece was created in 2nd Century a.d. by the Roman Emperor Hadrian, and played an important role in the rediscovery of classical pieces of work. I think this piece is important because when people go to visit this monument they not only get to view something from Rome, but also Greece and Egypt.

The second, World Heritage site that I chose was the Val d'Orcia. The Val d'Orcia is a beautiful Renaissance agricultural landscape with towns, farm houses and well managed lands. It provides us with an example of what the landscape used to be like in Renaissance time. The people of this land have a great respect for nature and the earth, which gives us all something to follow. I think that it is an important Universal World Heritage site because it takes us back in time to what the landscape used to be like in the Renaissance time.

Kailee Miller

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