14 September 2010

Question 1B - Answer

Looking at the list of World Heritage sites in Italy it seems the majority of the sites/places are cultural locations with a few natural sites mixed in. I chose to focus on Val d'Orica and the Rock Drawings in Valcamonica. The Val d'Orica is the location where the landscape was rewritten during the Renaissance to promote good governance and provide an aesthetic pleasings picture. This landscape is important to a universal culture because it reflectes the innovation in land-management and how it tied to the ideals of proper governance. The second site, the Rock Drawings in Valcamonica, consist of 140,000 engravings about culture, war, land, navigation and magic. These carvings are important to a universal cultural heritage because it allows the modern world to discover, interpret, and understand how human culture, over an 8,000 year time span, viewed and described their world. It also is a documentation of the prehistoric world.


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