22 September 2010

Seneca's Essays

On Facing the World with Confidence:


This essay explains how to keep yourself safe. It says to own nothing that could stir jealousy in others, keep to yourself, live a private life--as to avoid notice of others. Don't voice your opinions to the public, do not gossip. Do not provoke anyone, use common sense. Having a lot of money or power could lead you to danger as well. No one who can arouse terror can live with peace of mind. And most importantly don't do wrong, because even if no one finds out, you will always know that you did it. This seems to connect with the Dichotomy of Control because you are doing everything in your control to avoid disappointment.

On Rest and Restlessness:


This essay relates to Negative Visualization because it says that when people are constantly moving around from place to place, they are always unhappy and will never find peace. These people can never heal from past hurts because as they move from place to place trying to forget these people or events, they are really only stirring up past memories that cause more pain. People should settle down in one place, interrupted, in order to heal and find inner peace.

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