14 September 2010

Response to 1.b.

The kind of sites that are designated as World Heritage sites are ones that are listed by UNESCO as having some sort of cultural or natural significance. They are sites that have an importance to all of humanity and ones that are worth protecting for future generations.

The City of Verona was founded in the first century B.C. and it has preserved a vast number of monuments from the Medieval and Renaissance periods. It also represents a military stronghold. All of this and the development of the architecture over 2,000 years makes the City of Verona important to our universal cultural heritage.

The Rhaetian Railway in the Albula/Bernina Landscapes is a railway that opened in 1904 and it connects two historic railway lines that cross the Swiss Alps. It has had a significant technical, architectural and environmental impact on the culture and society of the Central Alps. All of this and the impact the Rhaetian Railway had with the development of mountain railways makes it important to our universal cultural heritage.


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