16 September 2010

Italian Serie A

All, not sure if any of you are as interested in European football as I am, but I thought I'd give you the link to the Italian Serie A main page on ESPN. Soccer is a huge part of the current culture not only in Italy but the rest of Europe as well. We'll be in Italy right in the middle of the Serie A season, and also in the final week of the group stage of the UEFA Champions League. AC Milan, Roma, and Internazionale are representing Italy in the Champions League, and the final week will likely determine who will go on to the elimination rounds. Milan is always a favourite to advance, but they were just dealt bad news for their next match as their captain and also one of their best forwards are both sidelined with injuries. This story just broke today.

Sorry I won't be rooting for any Italian teams while we're over there, I'm a Chelsea fan. But if you're interested here's the Serie A link and a link to the UEFA site.



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