07 November 2010

Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography

Chapel of Pieta. St. Peter’s Basilica. 5 Nov. 2010. .
This website provides information about St. Peter’s Basilica. On one page in contains a description of the Pieta and articles, from other websites and publications from around the world, that discuss the Pieta and Michelangelo’s life and works.

Harris, Dr. Beth. “Michelangelo’s Pieta.” SmARThistory. 5 Nov. 2010. <>.
This website is a multimedia “web-book” of art history created by two art history professors who felt students were not gaining the knowledge and appreciation of art through old editions of art history books. This site provides two videos in which art professors are discussing Michelangelo’s Pieta. Their discussion is much easier to follow than websites or books because the information is heard and not read.

Hughes, Anthony. Michelangelo. London: Phaidon Press Limited, 1997.
This book provides a detailed account of Michelangelo’s life as well as colored pictures of his artworks. It is a great resource because of its in-depth explanation of his life. The author also provides a biography section where there is a short description of who the people where in Michelangelo’s life and a timeline that outlines, side-by-side, the major events in his life and the major events happening in Florence and Rome. This gives me an understanding of what political or social events were going on while he was creating certain works.

Ruehring, Lauren. “Michelangelo Sculptures.” HowStuffWorks. 1998-2010. 5 Nov. 2010. .
This website provides an article that gives a short description and background information on Michelangelo’s Florence Pieta. It also has detailed photos of the work. This site is a good resource because it gives information on the Pieta statue that is less known by the public.

Ruehring, Lauren. “Rondanini Pieta by Michelangelo.” HowStuffWorks. 1998-2010. 5 Nov. 2010. <>.
This website, like the one above, provides an article about Michelangelo’s third Pieta. It gives a small description of the work and tells the story of how Michelangelo attempted to complete this work several days before his death. This website is a good resource because it gives information on an artwork that is virtually unknown to the majority of the public.

Sala, Charles. Michelangelo. Paris: Finest S.A., 2003.
This book provides a detailed timeline of Michelangelo’s life along with discussions and descriptions of his works he created through out his life. It also gives color photos of his works and sketches. Sala’s book is a good resource because the timeline allows me to see the years that he created each work and where he was located at the time.

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