30 November 2010

update from Court ;)

Hi Dad!
This is pretty cool we have this to communicate with everyone on! pray for no more rain for us and for snow there lol i think a lot of us are enjoying the 60 degree weather here but looking forward to some snow when we get back into the states! heading to the Vatican tomorrow! Theres a 6 hour time difference, not 5 like i originally told you all, sorry about the confusion :) Love you all!


Erica Bailey said...

Make sure you guys climb every tower, church, and building you can! The pictures are well worth the climb. Have a blast!

Jeff said...

It has been snowing all day!!! The pictures on the sight are fantastic!....can't wait to see yours! Continue to be safe & Love YOU....P.s. Your sister got second last night in the 50 freestyle in her first meet!