09 November 2010

"Lorenzo de’ Medici." 2010. Biography.com. 7 Nov 2010, 09:02 .
This source gives a good description of Lorenzo de’ Medici’s lifestlyle. It discusses his love for the arts and his popularity. It does not however discuss much about his wife and children or how he came to be in power. Without outside knowledge I would not have had an understanding of the importance of the Medici name in Florence at the time. There is also a quick summary of the Pazzi conspiracy that does not go into detail. There is no author to this source which may decrease its credibility, however it is from a reliable site with biographies of many important people.
Horth, Susan. The Magnificent Medici. PBS. WOSU, Columbus, OH, 02 Nov. 2004. Television.
I gained the majority of my information from this program. This was aired on PBS and discussed Lorenzo de’ Medici’s entire reign over Florence. The program did a great job of describing his influence over the culture of the city and the enemies he made in the process. I gained a better understanding of the Pazzi conspiracy and its effect on the country. This also discussed Savonarola and the difference in opinion between the two. It ended by discussing the rapid change in Florence after Lorenzo’s death and the beginning of Savonarola’s role. The program came from a reliable source since PBS produces many historical documentaries to accurately portray the subject matter.
“Lorenzo De' Medici." Renaissance Art, Artists, and Society. 2007. Web. 07 Nov. 2010. .
This site provided evidence of Lorenzo de’ Medici’s humanism. It discusses his education before coming into power. Also his attitude towards art and life in general is discussed and allows you to infer his humanistic beliefs. I am unsure as to the reliability of this site. There is no author and it is a site dedicated to the Renaissance time period.
"Lorenzo De Medici - Definition." Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - WordIQ Dictionary. 2010. Web. 07 Nov. 2010. .
This is another short biography of Lorenzo de’ Medici. It gives quick descriptions of his life and his claim to power and popularity. This website did not describe the Pazzi conspiracy, however it gave information about the effects of the conspiracy and Lorenzo’s need for powerful allies. The website has no author and again there is no evidence of its reliability aside from the fact that much of the information is the same as previous sources.

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