07 November 2010

Annotated Bibliography

De Nicola, Giacomo. "Duccio di Buoninsegna and His School in the Mostra di Duccio at Siena." Burlington Magazine for Connoisseurs. 22.117 (1912)

This is an article explaining Duccio’s artistic style. It goes through some of his artwork and explains what influenced the pieces. This is also where the controversy over the real painter of the Rucellai Madonna is discussed

"Duccio di Buoninsegna." Encyclopedia of World Biography. 2004.

This is the encyclopedia entry for Duccio. It explains how there is little information about his life and the 2 major works of art he is known for, the Ruccellai Madonna and the Maesta.

Lubbock, Tom. "Duccio di Buoninsegna: The 'Maesta' Altarpiece." Independent 4 Jan 2008

This is a newspaper in which Lubbock describes the altarpiece. He even describes how when understanding the story portrayed on the back is similar to a comic strip. He also explains how the altarpiece being in separate sections is troublesome because it makes it easier for separate pieces to be dispersed or lost.

Sullivan, Ruth Wilkins. "Some Old Testament Themes on the Front Predella of Duccio's Maestà." Art Bulletin 68.4 (1986)

This article goes into an explanation of why the panels of the Front Predella of Maesta are significant and the reasoning for the order they are in. She also describes the use of prophets in other art work, and how the concept of following an panel representing a story with the prophet who foresaw it can be linked to the Gospel of Matthew in the Bible.

Wilkins Sullivan, Ruth. "Duccio's Raising of Lazarus Reexamined." Art Bulletin 70.2 (1988)

In this article, she explains how through the use of x-raying the altarpiece, we are able to see how Duccio worked through his piece. Also, we learn that with less traditional concepts, Duccio was a little more creative and let his imagination do the work. She also describes how the way Duccio portrays Lazarus, upright instead of laying down, shows influence from Northern art.

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