10 November 2010

Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography

Cooperativa IL SOGNO. Trevi Fountain. Rome Guide. Available at
http://www.romeguide.it /MONUM/STORICI/trevi/trevi.htm

This source provides a clear cut, basic information on the Trevi Fountain and its history. The information is separated quite well to provide for finding information easily and is also placed chronologically. It had a lot of interesting information and and some great facts about the fountain that no other sites had. It also provided a plethora of pictures for references.

Fontana di Trevi Review. Real Travel Inc. 15 June 2006 Available at

This is one of the few sources that actually tells what the two bas-relief sculptures depict. Though most of the information is correct it is another review of when someone was in Rome.

Jessica. The Trevi Fountain: History and Legend. Why Go: Italy, 8 January 2009.
Available at http://www.italylogue.com/things-to-do/trevi-fountain-history-

At first look through this seems like a great source. It has great pictures and a lot of information that is well laid out. Though it seems like a good source there are little to no references and a lot of the information was incorrect or not consistent with other sources. If you are looking for some good propaganda for why you should go visit Rome or the Trevi Fountain then this is a great site but not all that scholarly.

Life of Niccolo Salvi. Lib Art. Available at http://www.lib-art.com/artgallery/1165-

There was not much information on Niccolo Salvi on this webpage but it gave me the basics. It was also one of the few sites with information about Niccolo that did not call him Nicola. It really had no information but it did have a few pictures of the fountain.
"Nicola Salvi." Encyclopedia Britannica. 2010. Encyclopedia Britannica Online. 07 Nov.
2010 .

There was not much information on the life of Nicola Salvi online and this is the only source that had much substance at all. It was a great resource for the basics but when I tried to look at the rest of the article I was unable to. It also had a works cited for the site in MLA and APA format which to me meant that it was used as a resource quite often.

Trevi Fountain. “A view on cities”, available at: http://www.aviewoncities.com/rome/

This site was a great source of information and provided it in great detail. It had pictures that went along with what the article was talking about. The information was very helpful and was straight and to the point. It also had a lot of explanation about what is being depicted on the fountain which was hard to find in other sources. Over all analysis: great source.
Trevi Fountain (Fontana di Trevi). Rome.info Available at http://www.rome.info/sights/ trevi-fountain/
Like many of the other sources this site provided little information but the information that it does have is helpful. It also has few pictures but does give a good brief overview of the fountain.

Trevi Fountain, Rome. Italy Heaven. Available at http://www.italyheaven.co.uk/rome

This is a nice first hand account about the Trevi Fountain and the information here is concurrent with other information I have found. There is not much information here but what is here is helpful. There are not many pictures to go along with the information though.

The Trevi Fountain. Gardin Fountains, 2007. Available at http://www.garden-

This source was a pretty good source of information. It provided a lot of information about how the fountain came in to being and also about its measurements. Other than that it had little information.

The Resourceful Site on the Trevi Fountain in Roma. Trevifountain.net, 2010 Available at http://www.trevifountain.net/description2.htm
This is an extremely helpful site that actually describes all of what is on the Trevi Fountain and explains how is all comes together. This is the absolute best source I found and it explains not only what is on the fa├žade but also what it all means and what the buildings around are.
Trevi Fountain: History and Legend. Tor Vergata, 2002-2009. Available at

Like one of the other sources at first this site seemed like a great source and it turned out not to be. It provided some good information but the site is in another language except for the article so I am not sure how credible the site really is.

Here is the site about all the other fountains:

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