08 November 2010

Annotative Bibliography

Asiado, Tel. Suite101. 28 September 2009. 5 Novmeber 2010 .
--This site contains a lot of information about Machiavelli including a short biography and the different roles he played as a diplomat and a political writer. Also, lists the books by Machiavelli. This was mainly describing what Machiavelli did as the Second Chancellor of the Republic of Florence.

Chew, Robin. Lucidcafe:Library. 2010. 2 November 2010 .
-There is the same basic information about the life of Machiavelli, but here is where you can find his view about using forces such as violence to gain power. Also, his basic roles during that time period. This is again just a breif summary about his life and does not go into depth.

Encyclopedia Britannica. 2009. 5 November 2010 .
-This site contained Machiavelli and realism. Also, discusses the humanism a characteristic in Machiavelli’s work, but that was only one section on the site. The rest of the site does not say anything about Machiavelli.

New World Encyclopedia. 3 April 2008. 5 Novmeber 2010 .
-This was the second most helpful site because it did not just tell you where he was born or that he was simply just a political writer. There is information about his early life, diplomatic mission, and his history under the Medici family. It goes into depth about his works The Prince, The Discourses. There are also criticisms of his works and about his legacy.

Niccolo Machiavelli. 2009. 2 November 2010 .
- This website is very sort and has just basic information about the life of Machiavelli and his early political involvement. It is not that excited or contains a lot of information and would be used for just a very short summary about Machiavelli's reputation involving his works.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. 8 September 2009. 5 November 2010 .
-Most helpful site for information about Machiavelli. There is a complete biography about him along with the relationship between him and the Medici family. There is a analysis of The Prince and the concept of power explaining the entire purpose of that work. The meaning of virtue and fortune according to Machiavelli and his views on morality, religion, and politics are included. Then there is a section relating the concepts of the state and The Prince. There is a interpretation of The Discourses on liberty and conflict. The rest of the site gives more views about the government and right of people related to security. Also, characterizing a republican leader based on Machiavelli's philosophy.

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