22 October 2010

Art then and now

One of the things I think is extremely different between art then and art now is how much easier it has become to create art. Back then it took months/years to create a masterpiece and the amount of detail was extraordinary. For example Ghirlandaio took 30 months to create a piece of commissioned art, now it can still take that long for someone now a days to complete art but we now have the capability to complete art in much shorter a time period. We dont have to make our own pigments now and we also have cameras and digital photography and other such things that make art easier for all to do. Along with art being more accessible and easier to do another thing that has changed is our appreciation of art. Back then I do not think Jackson Pollock would be appreciated as an artist. Now we have many different styles that are appreciated and considered art that back in the Renaissance would have probably been looked down upon.

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