07 October 2010


Getting the chance to travel is important because it diversifies a person. No longer is that person sheltered from just living in one certain area like their home town. Traveling gives a person the opportunity to learn about other countries history and culture. We also may be able to learn more about ourselves (identity) given new situations and experiences that come along the way. It may even open a door for a new passion for traveling. For me I`ve never traveled across seas yet alone left the U.S, so it`ll be an eye opening learning experience that I’m sure will take away many new learning experiences and memories. It will make me become more aware of another country, not just the U.S. I feel another important aspect of traveling is to remain open to try new things, whether that be trying the food, or trying to speak a few phrases in Italian. With that you will be able to start to understand the country you are in.

The best places to travel I feel are not just the significant museums or cathedrals but also the smaller less recognizable places. I think it’s important to be able to see a broad range of places, which from our itinerary we will be getting a taste of each.

The best way to travel is depending on the location from my experience in the U.S, like in cities I think apart of the whole experience is getting to walk the streets. If you had instead decided to just take a short taxi ride then you`d be missing out on experiencing the culture of the city you are in and discovering the things you would have originally just passed in a car. Whatever city we are in or heading to, we should embrace how their citizens would travel as much as we can and appreciate the country we are in. By keeping an open mind and taking full advantage of the opportunities while traveling you`ll be able to be satisfied at the end of the trip.



The website above lists the top 5 historic sites in Italy, one being the Vatican. I thought it was interesting to the point that it mentioned the smallest independent country of only 932 never feels empty with the constant tourism coming through. I think its important especially when we go to these historic sites that we keep in mind that there are other travelers coming to the same place, so we may need to have patience. On also keeping in mind constant respect for these SIGNIFICANT sites that have been around for centuries.

B) Below is a picture of the Vatican City

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