07 October 2010


I believe that it is important to travel for many reasons. First of all I believe that its important to experience different cultures, from the language, to the food, to the lifestyle. Sure you can go to Olive Garden and eat "Italian" food but go to Italy and I bet the food will be a bit different. I also think that when you travel you gain educational and social benefits. It doesn't matter where you go, weather it's a location an hour drive down the road or a plane fight halfway around the world, when you go to new places you learn new things. I also think that while away, particularly far away we are forced to go outside of our comfort zone, we are around people that are foreign to us and dealing with situations we have never encountered before and experiences like that can only improve your social demeanor and make you a more well rounded person. I also believe that traveling with family and/or friends is important. When traveling with people you create a bond, if you go somewhere with your family your families bond will grow stronger due to the experiences that you had there, weather good or bad. You experienced them with those people you cared about in a that location.
It's my personal opinion that when traveling it is best to fly (Unless you are going somewhere that is too close for a flight) Traveling in a plane is much safer then in a vehicle. Once you have arrived at your destination I think it is best, if your points of interest are close enough, to walk. By walking you really get the chance to take in the surroundings, the people, the landscape. I think that the best places to travel are first and foremost the places that are close to home. If you have never been to New York City, Washington D.C., Niagara Falls...GO! There's so many places right here in the United States that beautiful and exciting and worth traveling to. Then when traveling outside of your home country I think it's everyones personal choice what locations that choose to travel to. For example this website Famous Wonders of the world, has 100 of the most famous, desired destinations across the globe. There's places like Pyramids of Giza and Sahara Desert that I personally have no desire to see. Then there are destinations such as the Eiffel Tower and Yellow Stone National Park that I would love to visit.

The Link for this Website is:

On the sites homepage you will find pictures of the 100 Famous Wonders of the World. Along the top of the page there is a breakdown of the continents. For example I clicked on Europe, then i got to choose which country i wanted, so i choose Italy. It then had a description about Italy and near the bottom the top cities in Italy and the locations that are most popular to visit.
Iguazu Falls
This photo is from the famous wonders website, this is of Iguazu Falls in Brazil :)

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