08 October 2010


It is important to travel because people should experience the world and all it has to offer. Traveling makes for a well rounded person and for a life full of rich experiences. When you travel you experience so many new ideas and places that it can completely change your view of the world. The people you meet when you travel are also essential to the travel experience. I think the best way to travel is in a small group or with just one other person. If a group it too big then you can miss out on the natural interactions of the people and place. The best place to travel is everywhere, everywhere in the world has something to offer. My favorite place to travel so far is France, I absolutely love the culture and the people. My next goal is to travel to New Zealand, it looks beautiful there. People should travel with an open mind, a sense of adventure, and a willingness to change for a lot of time travel plans do not go as planned and if you cannot adapt then traveling becomes stressful instead of fun. Everyone has different goals for traveling, some want to relax on vacation and some want to see the sights so it is hard to say exactly what to do while traveling. My suggestion is to have fun doing what ever it is that you are traveling for in the first place. I would definitely say that where ever you travel to make sure you experience some of the culture.

This link takes you to the New York Times list of the 31 places to travel in 2010. It is very interesting because a lot of the places on the list I never would have thought about going to.

This picture is from my last trip to Europe when I got to visit Stonehenge. It was an amazing experience to see this in person.

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