06 October 2010



I think that traveling is very important for all people to experience. Traveling gives you a chance to branch out into unfamiliar places that you may have never knew existed, or knew the beauty of. During travel you are given the opportunity to learn more about the culture, and the places around you. These places that you visit, can either be two hours away from you, or all the way across the world. Where ever your travels take you, the main goal should be that you gain new experiences, memories, and possibly discover something new about yourself and of course the place you are visiting. I think that when you travel, it is best that you travel in a smaller number, so that you have more of a chance to express your own ideas and thoughts. As well as traveling in a smaller group, I think it is also important to sometimes branch off into pairs or alone at times, like we will do in Italy. Truly experiencing a culture or new environment means that you must engage in it and interact with the people of that place. In order to achieve the goal of travel, we must first make traveling a priority to ourselves. Sometimes traveling can be very expensive, so we may not always get to travel everywhere we want to, but there are still ways that we can cheaply explore and visit new places. Another thing we must do to achieve the goal of travel is to make sure that we make sure to relax and embrace our surroundings.

A) http://www.tripbase.com/blog/7-travel-goals-for-you-to-conquer-in-2010/

The link that I chose actually goes to another person's blog post. The title of this post is, "7 Travel Goals for You to Conquer in 2010." In this post the writer talks about 7 different goals that he would like to accomplish in traveling and explains each one and why...his goals are-Visit a new continent, Go on a Solo Trip, Learn a New Language, Get published, Take a Trip Within Your Borders, Photography, and Up the Ante with your favorite hobby. Some of the goals that he set may not be ones that you would like to obtain, but I think that it is important to set goals like these for yourself, and to truly try to achieve them. I really liked that one of his goals is to travel more inside your own borders. I have started to realize how little I have really even traveled around the state of Ohio--I think it is important to really experience and understand your own place first. He also talks about getting into photography. I think that it is really important to document your experience of travel. Pictures help to refresh the memories that you have made and the sites that you have experienced.

B) The picture that I chose was from one of my own personal travels. This picture was taken in New York City on top of the Rockefeller Center, over looking Central Park. This is one of my favorite pictures that I have from this trip and from all of my trips. I think it is really important to have pictures like these. I look forward to taking more photos like this one while in ITALY!! :)

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