07 October 2010


I think it’s extremely important to travel (even though I have not done too much traveling of my own) to gain a better understanding of what the world has to offer. So many people don’t leave where they come from because what they know is comfortable to them. For example, so many people from my small town just stay there forever and know nothing else. I feel like even traveling to Columbus from my small town I have grasped a better understanding of different people and cultures. There is no way to possibly reach every foreign destination we would like to in life, but traveling to as many places as we can help open our minds and hearts and may even change us for the better. We many oftentimes take our lives for granted, and traveling somewhere (that may be less off than we are) can help us appreciate our lives. I think the best way to travel is with a group of people, preferably smaller. I’m not much of a loaner and like to share experiences with people whom you can later talk about and recall the experience with. A smaller group allows you to not be so noticeable when you walk into restaurants, etc. and also allows you to visit specific places that everyone would like to see. I think that best places to travel to are really any places that you have an interest in. If you are interested in a town across the state, then it would be worth it for you travel there. When you have an interest in somewhere, whether it be for the artwork, the people, the food, the wine, the landscape, etc. it is definitely worth the traveling in my opinion. I think in order to get the best experience that you possibly can out of traveling, you need to keep an open mind and be respectful of the people and the culture. I also think that you need to be able to go with the flow, because not everything fits perfectly with your itineraries and some of the best experiences happen randomly by chance.

This website is pretty interesting and informative. You can find very helpful information, from travel guidance, current events, and the 10 places to travel before they're gone! It also has some really silly information on it like the ugliest hotels, the most boring cities to visit, and which countries have the most gorgeous women.

This is just a random picture of the beach, and it is one of my absolute favorite places to travel to. When I go to the beach I seem to embrace my surroundings and appreciate everything more (probably because we don't have something like them around here). When I have gone to the Bahamas, I had to embrace the culture of the people of the island and I had to respect them just as I feel you should do anytime you travel somewhere new.

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