08 October 2010


Traveling is important for everyone because it helps us gain a more relevant understanding of history and events by actually being in a place where something important occurred. By being in the place, we have a deeper connection with the event and experts at hand who can teach us so much more by explaining to us what we are actually looking at, instead of showing us a picture of it. The best places to travel to are the places that you are most interested in. This can be different for everyone. When I was in 6th grade, my parents bought an RV and we (along with my younger sister) traveled around the United States, living in our RV, for nine months. Starting up in Maine, then traveling down along the East Coast, then straight up through the middle of the "corn states", through Canada and into Alaska for a few weeks. Then back down along the West Coast, Arizona, Texas, (walked into Mexico for an afternoon), Florida, and then straight back up to Ohio. We went to all sorts of National and State parks and my parents felt that it was very important for us to complete the "Junior Ranger" programs at every one. So much so that they bribed us with ice cream! To my parents, it was important that we got all of the facts and learned as much as possible at every stop. That also could have been because we were being homeschooled for the year. But regardless, because of this my "school" experience that year was so rich because I was able to see so much of the United States that my social studies classes could never have taught me.

When we were in Alaska, we stayed with my dad's cousin on Kodiak Island. He and his wife guide hunters, hikers, photographers, etc through the island mostly with the goal of seeing Kodiak grizzly bears. This is a link to their website, if anyone is interested in vacationing there!

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