21 October 2010

Art Then & Art Now

I unfortunately agree with Courtney on how artists are viewed in today’s society. I don’t think we value their hard work and effort towards artwork the way we did back in the Renaissance timeframe. Photography is a form of art, and I think we all take that for granted. Mostly everyone I know has a camera and an editing program on their computer where we can become the “best photographer” that we want to be with it. We don’t value the amazing talent some people have in taking beautiful pictures or painting a picture. We just want to buy a particular picture because it will match the interior décor of our house. It’s actually kind of sad.

The Renaissance art seemed to be valued more than the artwork today. In class, we talked about all the effort it took to build the Duomo of the Cathedral. They had to form fires for their lunches and ways to go to the bathroom. In today’s world, this wouldn’t be such a production. We would have lifts or build some sort of temporary elevator, or even put a porta potty up there, so everything would be convenient for them. They had to put so much time and effort forth, which I feel like workers today would slack on. Many buildings today seem to be built more for convenience or cost than for the beauty of the work itself. Workers are hired to do what the architect designed. They go to work, do what they are told, and don’t care as much about the quality of their work. In the Renaissance time, they wanted their work to be the best they could, and the artists wanted to prove themselves as worthy artists.

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