07 October 2010


I think the importance of travel is to learn about different cultures and places and how to communicate with different kinds of people. It can make you a well rounded person as well. By learning a different language you can communicate with the people of other countries and knowing a different language may help you with a job that you get later in life. Learning about another culture can make you realize how good or bad your own culture is and you can also understand the opinions of others more clearly if you know something about their culture. Learning about different places can teach you about the history of the world and the things that made it.

I think the best way to travel is in small groups with preferably no more than three people. Traveling with small numbers can more easily allow discussion among everyone about the place you are visiting. To me traveling on foot is more fun and educational than traveling on a train or plane because you can learn things and see things as you walk that you wouldn't get to see or know if you were on a plane or train.

The best places to travel are anywhere. I like traveling most to places that most tourists don't go because it is less crowded, even though I do like traveling to well known main tourist attractions because those places are often the most important in history. I love nature so one of my favorite places that I have traveled to was riding the mules down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. It was very peaceful and relaxing to be able to enjoy nature and to be around animals.

In order to achieve the goal of travel I think one should educate themselves about the place they are traveling to before they get there, as we have been doing in class. This way instead of looking constantly at the guide book you can fully enjoy the surroundings.

This is a good website for good places to visit in Rome. It has very useful information on the Colosseum, churches, the Forum, the Pantheon, and many other interesting places.

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