06 October 2010

Blog Assignment: Travel and the Past

This time you can feel free to choose from either of these topics, though whichever one you pick, you should, in addition to your answer to the questions, include (a) a link to some relevant website (explain why its relevant, and what we'll see there), and (b) a relevant picture in your post. This will allow us to practice making full use of the blogging program.

What is important about traveling? Given your answer to that question, what is the best way to travel? What are the best places to travel to? How should we travel? That is, what should we do when we travel in order to achieve the goal(s) of travel?

What is the value of studying the past? Given your answer to that question, what aspects of the past should we study? Are there historical periods you are particularly attracted to? Why? Does your attraction to those time period make sense with your answer to the first questions about why we should study the past? If you're not a particular devotee of some historical era, which historical eras would you like to know more about? Why?

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