21 October 2010

Art Then & Art Now

One of the major differences between Renaissance art and art today is that when artist where creating pieces of art they didn't have all of the tools and technology that our artist today have. For example having to paint only when the sun was up to provide light, we now can paint in the middle of the night. At the same time though i feel that this got the renaissance art more attention and even today it still gives us an admiration for the art that was done during that period because we think about how these artist were able to create such beautiful pieces of work with such limited resources. I think that renaissance art will always be appreciated and admired because it was done so perfectly even though there was millions of what we would consider today to be barriers. Now in the U.S and all over the world we have electricity, computers, cameras, etc. One positive of all these things is that it creates for more variety in our art today, but a negative is that is a since the process of creating certain types of art has been simplified compared to the time of the Renaissance.
Also i think that today artist are not as appreciated as they were back then. I believe that our world is so stereotypical and superficial that we can't just enjoy a beautiful painting done in water color. I think that today we look at art, classical forms of art and we aren't impressed. The type of artist that we treasure are musical artist or graphic design for example. We aren't in awe of the simple art, we need something created with technology to get our blood flowing and that's disappointing. Artist of classic work I don't believe are as high in society today as they were in the renaissance because what they did then was a true gift, a very unique thing that was of great value. Today i feel like anyone can become an artist, in some sense so the trade isn't as valuable anymore.

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