22 October 2010

The similarity that between Renaissance artists and today’s artists is that in class we talked about how Brunelleschi built The Dome based on the Pantheon and his time spent in Rome. I think that today when it comes to our buildings we tend to use past architecture and even art to create today’s arts. Another similarity is that having a work of art or has an artist paint a painting for you now and then was for those who are wealthy. Art is always changing and that’s a similarity between the two.
There are more differences then similarities. One is that art is not appreciated as much now as it was during the Renaissance. Not saying that no one appreciates art, but I think that it’s not appreciated as much. During the Renaissance it was considered a gift and today people look at art as their property. Not many people think about how much work goes into making the artwork and can take it for granted. Also, there are differences in technology and what people can do with technology to make pieces of art. We have a different idea of what is considered art. Artists in the Renaissance were told precisely what to paint and if it wasn’t done the way the man in charge wanted it done they would pay less. Today it’s more of people paint what they want to paint and it’s either you like it or not.

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