11 October 2010


This picture is from Jamaica when I went there last year :)

I think its really important to travel we get to embrace different cultures. We also will see famous sites that you may have seen thousands of times on pictures and on TV or the Internet but its even better when you see it in person. To discover something with all your senses is striking. Also, to experience the different cultures isn't something that can be done from home. Even to meet foreigners in your own country isn't really enough to give a true understanding of their culture. It is only when you visit the country and culture and immerse yourself in it that it really makes sense. The best way to travel within the country is with a slow moving object just so i can experience everything within the country.I think we should travel by train or car.

Train to see the countryside and car to get to our destination faster.

http://travel.nationalgeographic.com/travel/city-guides/ here is a link to National Geographic which is places of a lifetime.

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