07 October 2010

Travel :)

In my personal opinion, traveling enables a person to become a well-rounded, insightful individual. Delving into a different city, country, or even the small town down the road can facilitate a deeper understanding of worlds outside of your own personal space. In addition, traveling can bring about a sense of self-awareness. The opportunity to go to a place other than your origin forces you to interact with people who are from a completely different background, and who may not speak your language. Confronting this challenge takes you away from your comfort zone, and can make you realize many qualities you didn’t know that you possessed. In addition to self-realization, traveling can bring about serenity and relaxation, which seems to be unknown to our culture in the US. Understanding other cultures through travel can break stereotypical barriers, build knowledge, and gain insight.

Traveling with a prepared suitcase, an open mind and an relaxed attitude is ideal. Although I am always up for an adventure, preparedness will decrease stress and anxiety while in an unfamiliar place. An open mind is essential in order to absorb all the beauty of the destination, even if it’s hidden in unusual places. A calm demeanor will allow you to think clearly and more effectively in uncomfortable or alarming situations. Self-awareness can be further realized when considering the two latter ideals.

Traveling in a smaller group of 2-4 people is best. A smaller group makes it easier to agree on an itinerary, and leaves more time to reach everyone’s desired destinations. Once you have experience traveling in new places, it becomes more feasible to travel places on your own. You have developed skills necessary to navigate an unfamiliar area safely and effectively.

HYPERLINK "http://www.virtualtourist.com/travel/Europe/Italy/Veneto/Venice-140867/TravelGuide-Venice.html"http://www.virtualtourist.com/travel/Europe/Italy/Veneto/Venice-140867/TravelGuide-Venice.html

The above link is a travel guide for Venice. Since we will be visiting there, the information will be helpful! It includes facts about the city, restaurants, things to do, nightlife and even warnings about what to watch out for. Check it out!

This picture is from the top of the Rockefellar Center in NYC. Andrea, Olivia and I went there for spring break this past year, and it was our first vacation on our own. :)

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