08 October 2010


I think that traveling is amongst the most incredible experiences one can have, and it is not something that everyone gets to do. So, anyone who has the privilege to be able to travel, whether a few hours away of half way around the world I would consider being very lucky. Traveling can help to make someone a well-rounded person. I feel like it helps a person be able to better understand those who are different from them and have a greater appreciation for cultures that seem unfamiliar. For me, hands on learning always seems to work the best and what better way to have a hands on experience than to travel to a certain country to learn about their culture and history. Anytime that a person travels, and it does not have to be far, I think that new experiences are exciting and when you stretch yourself outside your comfort zone to try to adapt and get along in a new and unfamiliar situation I think a lot of self growth takes place.

The best way to travel is to be curious but cautious. I think that humans by nature are curious beings and I think that traveling is just one form of curiosity. It is very interesting to see how other cultures and societies are and how people in other places in the world live their lives. Having an open mind and being curious about the places you are visiting and the things you are seeing is very important. But, it is also important when you are traveling to be safe. You should not be paranoid that something bad is going to happen, but just be cautious of the unfamiliar surroundings and do not venture off by yourself in an unfamiliar area.

Everyone is different and so everyone will have different ways that will make traveling more enjoyable for them. I think that the best places to travel to are places that someone would find to be meaningful to them and somewhere a person would be able to have a worthwhile experience. This place is not the same for any two people.

For me at least, I think that the overall goal of traveling is being able to come away having learned something, having a new appreciation for something, while also have had an enjoyable worthwhile experience at the same time. Some things are bound to go wrong and according to plan when you are traveling. With this in mind I think one of the best ways to achieve your goals while traveling is to not worry about the small stuff. If you have a list of everything you want to accomplish while your traveling, you might not get to do it all, which will leave you feeling disappointed. But, if you have a more open mind about things and just kind of go with the flow it might end up that you will get to experience something incredible that you did not even have on your to-do list in the first place.

This website is a list of the top 10 historical sites in the world. The Colosseum and the Forum both made the list, and I thought that was neat since we will be able to visit these places. Also, you can click on a link for each historical site and learn more about each one.

I chose this picture because we are going to get the chance to see The Colosseum while were in Italy, and also because it was part of the top 10 list from the website I found.

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Andrew P. Mills said...

I think curiosity is key for getting the most out of traveling. What sorts of things are you curious about when you travel?