07 October 2010

The importance of traveling is to experience different cultures, landscapes, and history. Just to be able to say you have been somewhere and obtained more knowledge makes you a more round person. I think that it can be a inspirational and in some cases a spirtiual experience. The best way travel is by plane, if that is what the question is about for a long distance, but if its traveling in Italy or France I think by bus or someway you can see the view.The best places to travel to are those that have a meaning to you. For example, I am traveling to Italy with this class because I am interested in seeing everything we have been learning about. However, when I first thought about signing up with this class I wanted to go because it has to do with my heritage and so this is meaningful to me to see where my ancestors came from. We should travel with an open mind to new experiences otherwise you will not appriciate your trip.Also, do not expect the extreme out of the trip.

This is the article that relates to traveling. This relates because the article has to do with slow travel through Italy and information about rentals in Italy. This would help someone find a place to stay and experience their trip to the fullest.

This is an image of a resort in Italy. This relates to the article because if someone is interested in staying longer in Italy after our trip they could stay at a placce like this one.

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