05 December 2010

Bologna Trip

Yesterday, as part of an assignment for the class, we were divided into small groups (2 or 3) and asked to explore a new city within an few hours outside of Florence. The goal was to see how well we could interact with the locals and discover a new place. Lisa and I were paried up and chose to go to Bologna.

We took the train there, which I found was a lot easier than I expected. Once out of the train station we got a bit lost. Instead of heading into the city we headed out of it and had to stop into a small shop to get a map and ask for directions. Once we found our way we took a hike over to the University of Bologna. The univertisty was very different from Otterbein but can be compared to almost and NYU or CSU where a large campus is integrated into part of the city. The buildings of the university were scatered among a section of Bologna and all around were shops, offices and restaurants. One thing we found that I was impressed with was a whole side of a building covered with posters for school functions, apartments for rent, and job listings. I found this interesting since we usually post things on bulletin boards outside our small campus, but they used a side of a building and even graffiti was incorperated.

After visiting the university the rest of the trip was spend exploring the city's plazas. The city has its own unquie charm about it but overall I did not find it anything special and perfer Florence over it.

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