01 December 2010

Our first full day in Rome...and a full day it was!!!

We're at the end of our first full day in Rome, and a full day it was! It started with an early morning metro ride to the Vatican Museums, where we spent a fantastic few hours: we had the Sistine Chapel pretty much to ourselves (though the overcast skies made it not as bright inside as we would have liked), and then wandered in and out of the Raphael Rooms, the collection of ancient Greek and Roman statuary, and the hall of tapestries. We ambled over to St Peter's square and went inside the Basilica. We climbed the many hundreds of steps to the dome of St Peter's for amazing views of the (wet!!) city below. After lunch, we walked across the Ponte Saint Angelo and took in the Christmas market at the Piazza Navona, saw the Pantheon, the amazing ceilings at San Ignatio, threw coins in the Trevi Fountain, climbed the steps of the Quirinale Hill to see the residence of the President of Italy, took a brief rest at the hotel before heading over to the Spanish Steps....and all this before dinner!

Take a look at the pictures (link on the left hand side of the blog) for some evidence of what we were up to!

Tomorrow, we head off to Assisi for a few hours before laying our heads at our hotel in Florence. It probably will be a day or two before we have reliable internet access again, so enjoy the pictures in our absence. And thanks to the Hotel Aberdeen in Rome for free wifi! If you're ever in Rome, do consider staying at the Hotel Aberdeen!

Ciao a tutti and buona notte!

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