05 December 2010

Lisa- Trip to Bologna


Well on Friday we got walk through Florence and it is a beautiful place. We went to the Medici Chapel, which was very interesting because after reading about the family in class and through my research about Machiavelli we finally got to see where the family is burried. Also, I got to see where Machiavelli's office was in the Palazzo di Vecchio and that was a great experience. I did my research project about him and his philosophy about politics.We went to see the Basilica di Santa Maria Novella and that was amazing because of all the artworks and the inside of the building. I did some shopping while I have been here and there is a veyr big leather market in Florence that sells some very nice leather items for good prices.

Yesturday Kayleigh and I went to Bologna on our own and that was a fun trip. We first got lost because we started walking in the opposite direction of Bologna, but stopped for directions and found our way. We went to see the University of Bologna, but there was not very many people out because we wanted to get some information about how their university works. We did find a main road that had tons of shopping and food places. The food was very very good and the stores where nice. We saw a statue of Neptune in the Piazza Maggore and a Garibaldi statue. I will be able to show you all the pictures so you know what I am talking about.

I hope everyone is alright and I miss everyone.Love every single one of you!


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