04 December 2010

Day in Siena

So far I have been to Rome, Assisi, and Florence on this trip, today I added the hill-town of Siena to the list. Courtney, Anna, and I hoped on a bus and travelled about one and a half hours south of Florence to this town with some amazing views. We spent a fair chunk of our time there exploring the Cathedral and the Museum beside it. We also went to another museum which features an underground church, which was both cool and slightly terrifying. After that we went and explored the city and stopped at the main Piazza where a huge horse race is held every year. After getting our gelatto, we decided the weather was too much to bear any longer and returned to the comfort of our Florentine hotel. I can't wait to get to explore more of Italy tomorrow on my second free day.



stephanie said...

I am wandering if the gelatto was Courtney's suggestion? :0)

anna.beckman said...

Yeah that underground church was pretty awesome even though we could not figure out how to get out. I thought it was cool how it was warmer underground than outside.

Courtney said...

Gelato is almost always my idea lol i think i have had it everyday we have been here, but then again everyone else has had it almost as much as i have! lol i know when i get home i will not be wanting pizza, spagetti, or ice cream for a while :)

christyfabus said...

Sounds like you are enjoying yourself!!! Love the Blog! Can't wait to see all your pictures and hear all the stories. Be safe and Have fun!
Love, Mum