03 December 2010

Hi from Florence :)

It still hasn't hit me that we are finally here after waiting so long for this trip. I can honestly say the sights I have seen are literally breathtaking. My pictures never seem to justify what i have actually seen . So far my favorite town has been Assisi. I love Rome and Florence, but Assisi is unlike anything I have ever seen. It's hard to imagine that people actually live there everyday with those views. Assisi is home to st. Francis's basillica which was absolutely beautiful. St. Francis's relics are housed in the basement of the church, and those were neat to see especially since I did my project about him. Rome was a crazy city, where traffic laws are optional. Florence is a bit more roomy ifyou will and today I saw my first vegetable stand where produce didn't cost five euros per kilogram. Today we also went to a market which reminded me a lot of findlay market in cincinnati. Anyway, tomorrow is our day trip and Olivia, Kailee, Andrea and I are off to cortona :) talk to you soon!

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