04 December 2010


Today Kailee, Andrea, Melissa and I made it to and from Cortona just the 4 of us, and it was definitly an experience because mostly everyone we encountered today spoke little English. First of all at the train station the board didnt have our stop listed so we had to ask different people for help and a man in the international help office ended up writing down the terminal and train number. It was funny because even though we got there 20 minutes early we still had to run to catch our train. Then when we got there we had to get tickets for the way back and a taxi driver helped us figure out the machine. He barely spoke english either but I dont know what we would have done if he did not help us. Then the taxi driver drove us the rest of the way to Cortona because it is a little town on the top of a hill, and he was so nice and explained things about the city and where things were, and was really patient repeating himself in mostlyIitalian and a little english so we would understand. It was amazing how well he communicated with us and we barely spoke the same language. The city was beautiful!! It was freezing but thankfully it didnt rain. We went into one museum bc andreas painting that she chose for a project was there and then we just walked around the rest of the time. It was such a great experience and neat feeling just walking around the city own our own. I also really enjoyed communicating with the locals by mostly hand gestures and very little language. It was a great day and one I will never forget!!

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