06 December 2010

San Gimignano

What a beautiful place. It reminded me of Assisi because it was such a small town. I think that this town is family oriented because you saw children with their parents everywhere you turned. San Gimignano was set in a medieval setting. There were castles and old stone buildings.

Besides the freezing weather and the little driblets of rain the scenery was amazing.There were small side streets that led to even more scenery and small houses and shops.

Jimmy and I started out at 9:15 to catch the train. We were on the train for 50 mins and we finally arrived there a hour later. While we were on the train we saw a lot of vineyards and they were all in a perfect straight line. We started out at the church of San Agostino because we made a wrong turn when we first started, where we saw frescos and paintings. After that we went to the Collegiata, and saw more frescos cycles, featuring Old Testament and New Testament stories. In the New testament we saw alot of depictions of angels and demons than we have before within
the frescos in Florence and Rome.

Next stop Venice :) Super excited for that
Ciao for now

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