12 December 2010

Our Last Day in Italy

We arrived this morning in Rome coming off of a 4 hour train ride from Venice. Venice was beautiful and it was so neat not to see any cars and just to see people getting around either on foot or boat. We had really great weather this weekend, the best that we have had all trip. I really enjoyed going to the Jewish Ghetto, I did not know anything about it before going and it was so interesting to see 3 of their synagogues and learn about the first ever ghetto. It was neat to see the hand made glass in all the different stores, it was all so unique. We went to a contemporary art exhibit and also the Guggenheim art museum, which is a modern art exhibit. I have never been to either kind of art exhibit and it was neat to be able to compare a different style to all the ancient and Renaissance art that we have been viewing the past couple of weeks.

For me these past 2 weeks haves been incredible!! I have so many great memories from the trip and I have really enjoyed being able to share so many great experiences with everyone in the class. This is the first time I have traveled overseas and I feel like I have learned so much about myself. It has been amazing to be surrounded by so many people who have such a different lifestyle and culture than what we are used to, and adjusting to being surrounded by so many people who speak a different language than us. I feel like we have all picked up a few words while we have been here, and even with the language barrier we have been able to make it through. It is also neat because even when you can not speak to someone you can always smile and sometimes that is just as good.

We have a long day of traveling tomorrow and even though I am going to miss being in Italy, I am also really excited to be home for Christmas and see my family.

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