04 December 2010

Hello from florence!!

So much has happened since my last blog. First off, Assisi was amazing, so far it is my most favorite place. It was beautiful there and we were very lucky to have a sunny day. Florence has been awesome as well. I really like the feel of the city here...its not as busy and easier to get around in.
Today we went to Cortona for our group day trip. Andrea, Olivia, Melissa, and I all went together. Cortona reminded me of Assisi because it was a smaller hilltop town, which we found out was actually right near Assisi. The view here was beautiful and I loved walking around the small little streets. This trip was even more interesting because not as many people spoke english so it was a little more challenging, but it went really well. A lot of the shops were closed during certain parts of the day, but one shop that we found open was a hand crafted ceramic shop. The pieces that we saw were beautiful, and the woman working in the shop was very nice and told us all about the process of making the pieces. All in all today was a wonderful experience and I really enjoyed being able to go off on our own.
I am looking forward to tomorrow becauase we may be taking another day trip to a different city.

that's all for now.


P.s. and hello to my family and Logan...I miss you guys and love you!!! i hope you are enjoying the lovely weather in ohio!! :)

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