07 December 2010

Day of Climbing

There has been a strike the past few days in the Florence Museums. So, today we explored a few churches, which included San Miniato al Monte. And as the name suggests, it is on top of a mountain so we had a lovely morning of climbing. After that we grabbed some lunch and since everything was closed, we had the afternoon free. Everybody in the group explored some more of Florence. I decided that with the free time I wanted to do something I might not get a chance to do again. So, I hoped on a train and took the hour ride to Pisa. I realized upon getting off the train that people are right when they say the only interesting thing to see in Pisa is the Tower. So, I made my way through the city and saw the amazing sight of the Leaning Tower. I spent about two hours in Pisa and during this time I climbed the tower. The view from the top is AMAZING!!!! It was a little frightening because you can tell that it is tilted when you're on top of it. So, that was my day of climbing and now I am sore.



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