03 December 2010


Twenty-four hours have passed since departing Assisi and arriving in Florence. I was in fear of a hangover; Assisi was the most intoxicating site I've ever witnessed. I couldn't imagine anything ever comparing to it's beauty. Although Florence is not as breathtaking and naturally beautiful, it is a rather brilliant city. The historical sites are offset by surrounding hills that look like they were handcrafted by the great artists themselves. The clouds hang just above the hills, as if to mingle with them. The view from atop the Duomo offers this site. Climbing St. Peter's was a much greater chore than climbing the Duomo. Similar in height, yes, but the structure of the stairs made the latter a much more pleasant climb. Before the Duomo we started our morning at the Medici chapel, where we saw tombs and burial sites for some of Florence's most powerful men and works by one of the greatest, Michelangelo. We also visited San Lorenzo, San Maria Novella, explored the markets, and found ourselves learning about public transportation courtesy of Dr. Mills.

Compared to Rome, Florence feels much more genuine. A song by the Arcade Fire tags the line, "it feels like I've been living in a city with no children in it, a garden left for ruins by a billionaire outside of a private prison." That was my exact thought for Rome, beautiful but modern. It seemed deprived of families and simplicity. It felt very much like New York. There were amazing historical sites, but they were mostly ruins of a former life, a former Rome. Florence, however, has the big city feel but also has those essential features to make for the suburban life. The view from atop the Duomo justifies this as I could see homes and neighborhood, and real life happening. Florence has less tourists, a more lively atmosphere, and the perfect balance of lifestyles. It feels a lot likes Columbus.

Well it's time explore Florence more! Until next time!

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