02 December 2010

A day in Paradise

We took a day trip to Assisi today! It was amazing. It is this small town up in the hills/mountains and it is between Rome and Florence. It was the prettiest place and i guess we totally lucked out on the weather, it was pri 50 and sunny most of the day :) We went to the Church of St. Francis and St. Claire, went in various shops and admired the amazing atmosphere and streets and buildings of Assisi. I am having a wonderful time but i miss you family and nick!! I cant wait to tell you all about this experience. Its also really cool because we as a class are getting so comfortable and close with one another.
More updates later, we are in Florence for the next week :) Ciao!

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stephanie said...

We miss you too but praying you are absorbing every breath and memory plus getting to know those you are sharing this amazing opportunity with.