05 December 2010

Days off to explore!

The last two days we have been able to travel to a city we wanted and view or do pretty much whatever we stumbled upon. Yesterday, Ashley Wilson and I traveled to Perugia. As soon as we got off the train at the station, we immediately questioned why we chose this city. We were thinking we were crazy! Luckily, my mom's friend's son traveled abroad at the college in Perugia and he told me where to head to. Like many of the groups discovered, no one spoke English, and the information desk didn't even have a map! We managed to finda store to buy a map and we trucked uphill for two whole hours (no exagerration)! We thought we'd finally get a day to rest our legs, but boy were we wrong. We stumbled upon many helpful people that helped us follow the map. The last man pointed us to an escaltor to help us get up the hills of Perugia faster. As soon as we got off of the fourth or so escalator, we thought we had arrived in heaven! There were probably about fifty or more stands selling handmade jewelry and all sorts of crafts, in this gorgeous underground brick and stone cave-like area. We shopped for a long time and bought quite a few things. Finally we ended up in Piazza Novembre where the boy had told me to go. It was absolutely gorgeous as well. The sights were similar to those of Assisi, overlooking the beautiful hills. Once again, there was tons of shopping! We also stumbled across the Fontana Maggiore, which is considered to be one of the most beautful fountains of the 13th century. We also went into the Museum of S. Lorenzo. It was very interesting and you could go underground yet again and explore under all of the stone architecture. Even though we did get quite lost at the very beginning, it was totally worth it and we knew exactly why we picked that city in the end! After taking the bus back to the train station (we decided not to walk for two hours again) and hopping on the train, everyone was happy to see we made it back in one piece! They thought we wouldn't survive on our own!
Today was a very relaxing day. For once we got to sleep in. Afterwards, we had a failed attempt at finding a Harley Davidson store. We did find it, but of course it was closed since it was Sunday, and it was not in the best area ever to say the least :x We then shopped some more and had a nice dinner! I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings :)

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Kathy said...

Sounds like an excting day...thinking that you made a mistake ...and then discovering the beautiful shops! No wonder people lose weight while touring Italy - all that walking!!!!! After the 1st hour, I would've turned around-not kept going! Good for you!
Decided to have a free day instead of exploring another town? You probably needed it after Perugia!
You are missing cold and snow here-snow belt is really getting hit, not so much here so far!
Be careful & have fun!! Miss you!
Love, Mom