11 December 2010

Venice :)

Tomorrow is our last night in Italy and it's an odd feeling. Although we've only been here for less than two weeks it seems like so long ago that I was walking around the remains of ancient Rome. Overall, it has truely been a life changing and memorable experience. People told me that I would return with a new perspective, and now I understand. Being in italy not only allowed me to visit many historically important sites, it also showed me a lot about myself. Part of our journal assignments are to write about ourselves and the things we've learned on a deeper level and I canhonestly say that this has been an extremely valuable experience for me. 

Yesterday we had the opportunity to visit the jewish ghetto and the guggenheim museum. I thought the synagouges were particularly intriguing because I knew so little about the Jewish faith. I can not imagine being segragated from my community based on the way that I act or the things that I believe. Being locked into my neighborhood At night would be hard to deal with I would imagine. The guggenheim museum was my favorite part of yesterday. Seeing works by pablo Picasso was so interesting, I absolutely loved it. 

I'll talk to you from Rome!! Ciao!!!  

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