12 December 2010

Update from Lisa

We arrived in Rome and tomorrow we head home, which I am very excited for because even though Italy is beautiful I am ready to see my family. I cant wait to show everyone all my pictures. So I will try to remember everything we have done since my last update.

Tuesday- We tried to go to the museums, but the workers at the museums went on strike and all the museums were closed. Instead, we climbed to San Miniato church and it was a beautiful view. The church was gorgeous inside. This has nothing to do with my trip, but that night I did learn how to play a new card game so mom will be happy about that.

Wednesday- We went to the Uffizi Gallery and there I saw a lot of pieces of artwork that we talked about in class. For example, Madonna with the Long Neck, Primavera, Judith Slaying Holofernes, and The Birth of Venus. Then we went to the Academia and saw The David and it was amazing. It stands 16 or 17 ft tall and there is so much detail it is incredible.

Thursday- That day we arrived in Venice and it was raining at first, but it cleared up and it was beautiful. The next two days there were clear skies and sunny. I think that Venice was one of the most beautiful places we have seen. We went to a couple museums while we were in Venice. It was a fun trip there.

While we were there we went to the Jewish Ghetto and traveled to Padova and went to Saint Anthony and the Scrovegni Chapel.

Then of course we arrived in Rome today and I go home tomorrow:)
Cant wait to tell everyone all about my trip.

Love, Lisa

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