05 December 2010

From Courtney: A few observations

I have been making note of some of the differences between the U.S. and Italy and I thought i would share how they do some things in Italy with those of  you at home...
1. No shower curtains\doors with the showers and bathtubs or there is a curtain but you just shower on the floor of the bathroom
2. They use Military time
3. They meausure temperature in Celcius
4. There is pizza and Gelato (ice cream) on EVERY corner
5. lunch is around 1-2pm and dinner is around 8-9pm
6. you leave your hotel key with the front desk anytime you leave they hotel
7. most restaurants you do NOT tip at, there is a service charge added to your bill autoimatically
8. water is NOT free at restaurants, sometimes wine is cheaper than water lol
9. you can not wear your pj's or sweats to the hotel breakfast, you must be dressed nicely
10. public restrooms cost anywhere from 10-50 euros


Erin Lenkey said...

Courtney wants me to correct this.. It's only ,10 to ,50 and even up to ,80 euros to use the toilet, not 10, 50, or 80 haha.. Thank Goodness!! :) And I would like to add that toilets either have no toilet seats or as Courney found out today, can be pretty much straight on the floor to squat on!

Jeff said...

Very Interesting! Still snowing!!! Ski resort in Mansfield opens tomorrow!!!!!!!

Stay Safe!