04 December 2010

A cold and rainy and, did I mention, cold day.

Many of the students have been keeping you updated about our doings, kind blog readers, so there's little for me to say but to confirm that we've been having a fantastic (and busy!) time. Today was the first free day and we scattered to the four winds. People went to Bologna, Siena, Cortona, San Gimignano, Arezzo, and Perugia. Everyone encountered cold today, but some had some sun. They all had adventures, and I'll let them tell you about them in more detail. Amy and I went to Bologna, and despite the cold there, enjoyed a few hours in the city. It was crowded with Christmas shoppers, for the most part, but we visited the medieval museum, the Archiginnasio (site of the original university) and Duomo.

Tomorrow there is interest in going off to Pisa, and if the weather turns a bit warmer, maybe we shall venture up to Fiesole--a hill town just outside of Florence--that promises fantastic views of the surrounding countryside.

Check out my pictures, linked on the top of the left column of the blog. These are just mine--somehow I'll figure out how to get some of the students' pictures up here as well.


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