03 December 2010


Well we have survived almost a full week in Italy and I am not sure I have fully grasped being here. Yes, the language is different, keys on the computer are different and customs are not what I am used to but somehow it all stills has that home feeling for me. We spent a few nights in Rome and the city was constantly alive with people, cars, motorcycles (which I loved!) and noise, so to me it was just like being on vaction in NYC. So even though Rome and NYC have very different customs I still see similarites between the two, which makes me remeber we are all the same and what we percive as different is the only thing that makes us so.

This week we will be in Florence, a much smaller town but still has the energy of a bigger city. I am off to Bologna tomorrow for a day trip and looking forward to comparing all three cities to home.

Ciao for now!

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