02 December 2010

Ciao from Erin! :)

Italy has been amazing so far!! The first day was very tiring with all the rain, sightseeing , and most importantly the time difference. Rome was cool, but it seemed more like New York City with all the traffic, graffiti, and busyness. The trip to Assisi was breathtaking today! The scenery was so green, with hills with beautiful buildings on them, and tons of sheep grazing. Assisi was even more beautiful than I expected. We were able to see the San Francesco church which Dr. Johnson kept telling us we wouldn't be able to see through all the fog. It seriously looked like it was a scene from out of a movie. We've only been in Florence for the night, but I can tell I'm already going to love it. It's a lot more calm than Rome and I don't fear Jazmyne almost getting hit by cars as often :) It's time to go to bed to rest my sore legs from those 551 steps we climbed from the Dome yesterday. Goodnight and miss you all from home :)

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Kathy said...

So glad that you are all having a wonderful time. Looks like the weather got better as well. The pictures are amazing! So beautiful! Hope you have enough memory on your camera to capture everything you see!! Rest those sore legs. So proud that you didn't let your claustrophobia ruin your trip up those 551 steps!! Glad that you are feeling better. Look forward to that wine in a few days :-) Be careful, have fun and enjoy every minute!! Love & miss you. Mom & John