02 December 2010

"Roaming" in Rome/Assisi

Buon Giorno,

The first three nights in Rome were amazing!!! The first night was rainy and everyone was really tired because of the long flight. We saw a lot of amazing statues and paintings. I also saw my magnificent fresco in the Vatican which was Mount Parnassus. The trip too Assisi was gorgeous!!! It was not foggy like it was last year, it was just right. I even brought some soap which smell amazing. Erin brought soap that smells like cake....YUM =) I also saw a gorgeous man in Assisi, he was tall with a cute little bun. If only I took a picture SIGH. :) We are now in Florence which is a lot different from Rome. Rome was very busy which is kind of like New York City, whereas Florence is like Westerville. We are going to spend a seven days here in Florence, I'm pretty excited. Next is Venice. That's it for now!!


By the way,
Gelato is AMAZING!!!!!

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