09 December 2010

Venice :)

We arrived in Venice today and it is unlike Anywhere that I've ever been before. It's true, there's water everywhere! The locals function as in every other city; instead of hopping on the city bus, they just ride the city water bus into work. Their lifestyle is so interesting. Carrying, actually dragging our luggage to our hotel was quite a site to see, but we mAde it. It's a weird feeling to not see any cars around, and to see the wooden planks they put up for when it floods or the tide comes in.

The contemporary museum we visited tOday was really interesting. The exhibits were completely different from the mostly religious affiliated works we've been seen thus far.

Yesterday we finally got to see the David. Let me just say, his feet were probably as big as I am. I was shocked at the size of this sculpture and the talent it took to create this sculpture. I'm really glad the strike took a break!!

I think that's all for now other than to say if you ever come to Venice, bring a map! :)

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sheryl said...


Don't forget to bring home pictures of Venice for mom. It will make a perfect Christmas gift (hint hint) See ya soon