12 December 2010

From Courtney: Once in a lifetime

Its over... i cant believe it. We have actually finished our two week trip to Italy and there are not even words to describe this experience. I would have almost have to say while i was here i felt as if i was living a different life, living in a dream. No classes, no work, no stress (for the most part)... visiting some of the most beautiful and famous locations in the world, eating out for literally almost every meal, shopping... it all seems too good to be true. And although as i sit here and look back on all the great things we got to do, all the amazing places we got to go, and the beautiful pictures i got to see those are not the things i am going to remember most. What i will remember most is these 14 fellow students and the relationships i formed with them. I was so scared when i signed up for this class because I only knew 2 people. Then a little bit of the fear went away as i got to know a hand full of others throughout the duration of the 10 weeks during the class. But as we boarded the plane 2 weeks ago to leave the united states i was worried because i didnt know anything about at least half of the people i was leaving the country with, heck i couldnt even remember a few peoples names.
But now... after two weeks of living with these people i can say i couldnt have asked for a better group. Not only do i know everyones name, and not only have i had converstations with each individual on this trip, i have created friendships. People who i never even spoke too during the 10 week class i was going to dinner with or shopping with on a regular basis. We shared amazing experiences together, enjoyed gelato together, we even cried some... we got sick together, we laughed together, we even beleted out old school songs together while playing cards. I know that visiting the Vatican and the Uffizi and the canals of venice are experiences i will never forget but what made this trip and what i cherish most are the memories i have at those locations because of the people who surrounded me.

Thank you Ashley, Erin, Kelley, Jimmy, Jeff, Kailee, Andrea, Olivia, Melissa, Jazmyne, Kayleigh, Anna, Lisa, and Kat for being the coolest people I could have asked for to hang with in Italy!!!

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stephanie said...

The people who surround you do make all the difference in this journey we call life on Earth. We missed you like crazy.